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Denis Lelin
At university, involvement as the International Officer, NUDance team captain, Welcome and Karnival volunteer, and JCR Exec member, has given me more than a degree. Therefore, I believe that engagement in the SU’s activities can really spice up your life. Everyone should feel empowered to get involved despite the barriers they might face!

No matter WHO YOU ARE, I will make SU activities easily accessible for students who might feel marginalised, by providing better inclusivity training for student groups as well as making our events and communications accessible to all or be transparent when they are not.

Irrespective of WHERE YOU ARE: on a different campus or studying from afar, I will provide more opportunities to partake in SU events and activities through online platforms or my commitment to the SU’s presence at all learning sites.

I will support and reward your involvement regardless of WHAT YOU ARE. Whether it is a large or small society, a student worker or a volunteer, an individual or a Student-Run-Service, or any other student group, I will ensure tailored support and representation for each type of activity.

Vote Denis for activities - Spice Up Your Life!
Georgina Pittman
As your Activities Officer this year, I have worked tirelessly to support, represent, and empower students and student groups at UoNSU. I want to spend a second term in office building upon my work to ensure future UoN students can access the best opportunities! @GeorginaForActivities #VoteGPBack #EasyAs123

  • Review communications from the Officer Team and wider SU
  • Improve the promotion of STARS
  • Introduce a Funding Guide to signpost group funding opportunities
  • Create a cross-campus Activities Committee with representatives from each Associated Body
  • Collate a Room Booking Guide featuring information on bookable spaces

  • Remodel Societies Executive Committee to better represent our diverse societies
  • Establish a Refreshers Committee
  • Improve the support given to Student-Run Services and Student-Led Projects
  • Secure a bursary/grant funding to increase engagement in SU opportunities

  • Reform the University’s food policy
  • Run a campaign to raise awareness of the positive impact student group engagement can have on wellbeing
  • Begin the second phase of my loyalty points scheme
  • Install fundraising and volunteering totalisers in the SU hubs on each campus
  • Support course-based societies in embedding their work in schools/departments