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What roles are being voted for in this set of elections?

You can vote for the full-time and part-time Officer team between 9am on Monday 4 May to 3pm on Monday 11 May.

I’m confused - why have the elections been split up?

In light of the recent escalation of the coronavirus pandemic, and following consultation with the Elections Committee, your SU made the difficult decision to postpone campaigning and voting for the Student Leader Elections in the third elections period. You can find out more about this through our relevant news article.

I want to vote for one of the Democratic Committee positions, or on the Education Network elections. Where are they?

You can find the elections for the Democratic Committees and the Education Network here. These also have their own voting areas, which you can also find through this link.

I want information about something not on this list!

As a lot of things are changing at the moment, please get in touch with suelections@nottingham.ac.uk with any questions not covered here and we'll get back to you.

What type of voting system do we use?

We use Single Transferable Vote. To find out more about how this voting system works, check out this video!

Where can I find out if a candidate has answered my question?

Head to the SU’s Facebook page from 12 noon on Thursday 7 May.

Why have some candidates recorded hustings videos while others haven’t?

All Full-Time Officer candidates in this election will have been contacted to take part in this set of hustings in exactly the same manner as one another. And, in the same way that sometimes a candidate can't always make it to a live hustings in person, you might not see a video from the candidate you're interested in. This may be because they’ve chosen not to take part, are unable to at this time, or have personal reasons for being unable to attend. Don't be afraid to reach out to any candidate you're interested in and ask them questions yourself if you want to.

Where are the Part-Time Officers?

Part-Time Officers are usually held to account by their Network membership, as they represent diverse parts of the student body – and this includes running hustings. Please reach out to the Network you’re interested in hearing from to find out if they’re arranging their own event this elections period or, as before, reach out to any individual candidate you want to hear more from.

I asked a question but I think it’s changed – why?

The questions in a hustings are facilitated. This is to make sure that any questions are fair, balanced, and do not target a candidate specifically or personally in a biased manner (negative or positive) while still concentrating on hard questions. Any question that was biased, overly targeted, or nonconstructive has been refused as a result. Additionally, we can only accept a limited number of questions per category. Lastly, we may have made minor grammatical changes to a question, to help with clarity.

I wanted to ask a specific candidate a question in this hustings!

We’ve been gathering questions from across the student body via the ‘Ask a Question’ form that has been available since Wednesday 29 April on the Officer Elections website, and which was circulated to you through your student emails. Though the deadline for questions has now passed, we recommend reaching out to any candidate you’re really interested in individually, if you’d like to hear more from them.

Why are the candidates in a different category answering the same question as another one?

The questions presented at our central hustings are aimed at entire categories – so, for example, any question asked of the Education Officer needs to be answerable by all candidates. Also, some of the questions we’ve had were asked of more than one category – especially where remits overlap – so you might see the same question posed to multiple roles, but with very different answers!