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Zooniverse offers a range of projects for volunteers to participate in wherever and whenever suits them. The scheme is looking for participation in research of all kinds, from classifying galaxies to transcribing manuscripts. There is a zooniverse project out there for anyone who wants to volunteer their time to help our understanding of the world or who simply want to get lost in space. There are over 50 active online citizen science projects around the world contributing to important research projects. Here are a few examples of projects to get involved with;

  • Galaxy Zoo needs help to discover the secrets of galaxy evolution by classifying distant galaxies. 

  • Shakespeare’s World allows people to help transcribe handwritten documents by Shakespeare’s contemporaries to help the project better understand his life. Perfect for students who have a passion for history, drama, literature or are huge Shakespeare fans.


  • Chimp & See would like help to discover the secret life of chimpanzees, to help to study, explore, and learn from. Go bananas and explore the world of the chimp!

Help become part of the people powered research project by volunteering a bit of spare time to Zooniverse!


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