Volunteer Awards 2018!

Student Volunteer Awards 2018!

On Thursday 10th May we hosted our annual awards to recognise and celebrate the fabulous work that student volunteers have done this year. A huge thank to everyone who took the time to submit a nomination, and to Lilian Greenwood MP for giving a fantastic speech at the awards. Thanks also to our panel of Judges, Laura Bealin-Kelly Equal Opportunities and Welfare Officer, Alan Holey, Student Union President, Jacob Collier, next year’s Community Officer, Wayne Crawford from CARO (Campaign and Alumni Relations Office), Gavin Scott from Sustainability at the University and David Thomas from Nottingham Community and Voluntary Service.

This year we received over 120 nominations across our 4 award categories, Organisation of the Year, Going the Extra Mile, Student Group of the Year and  Outstanding Volunteer Award, and the standard of nomination was incredibly high. It was fantastic to hear about all of the brilliant things our students have been up to. We awarded three prizes for each award but each nominee should feel proud of everything that they have achieved this year.

Our winners are:

Organisation of the Year

This award recognises volunteer orgnisations that; Provide excellent volunteer support and inspire volunteers; Offer training and support to develop volunteers and Recognise volunteers and the role they play within the organisation.

3rd Place: First Aid Society

  • Congrats for breathing new life into your society! 
  • You have had a very successful year securing funds to attend training and in turn being able to provide first aid training courses yourselves to over 50 students in the last year.
  • Also we would like to commend you for outsourcing your skills and providing your first aid services to other societies while also supporting the development of your current volunteers.

2nd Place and Community Organisation of the Year:  The Pearson Centre for Young People

  • Congratulations to The Pearson Centre, for highlighting the great worth and impact university volunteers can make in a local community. 
  • The centre has supported volunteers with well-rounded training sessions that give them the tools they need to plan and lead sessions as well as providing debriefing sessions to discuss issues and the positive outcomes of the sessions. 
  • Thank you for also providing social opportunities which have helped volunteers get to know each other while helping to build the team ethos.

1st Place: Nightline

  • Hats off to Nightline for an outstandingly successful year!
  • We would like to acknowledge your efforts in increasing volunteer engagement by developing new incentives and celebrating volunteer successes, whilst also running your STAR awards scheme. 
  • Additionally well done on securing the renovation of your facilities, introducing additional training and support for your volunteers, and creating a volunteer newsletter.

(representatives from all our Organisation of the Year Winners)

Going the Extra Mile Award

Students nominated in this category have shown great enthusiasm in what they do and have approached volunteering with a sense of responsibility and commitment worthy of recognition. Their involvement has often been more than that required and in some cases students have even recruited volunteers to take part in a wide range of activities.

3rd Place: Jade-Louise Jacobs

  • We would like to commend your volunteering commitment to the Learning Leaders Scheme where you delivered history lessons to local primary-aged children. 
  • In particular, you stepped up to run this programme on your own, when others were unable. 
  • You independently prepared all the resources and delivered the sessions for year 2 pupils even during non-term time. 
  • Your commitment and dedication has helped inspire a love of learning in these students and encouraged them to see university as a future possibility. 

2nd Place: Caroline McKee-Wood

  • We would like to congratulate you for your exceptional commitment to engaging with and including disabled students in sport. 
  • As inclusivity officer with the equestrian club you have lead on the development of inclusive sessions and organised a para-equestrian conference. 
  • Additionally you have gone the extra mile through being engaged, having outstanding commitment to communicating with volunteers and participants, expanding awareness through participating in a promotion video and even contributing to inclusive club sessions at another university (Sheffield).

1st Place: Kiran Bhavra

  • We received an outstanding number of nominations for you and Marrow.
  • We would like to recognise your outstanding enthusiasm and volunteer efforts with Marrow and beyond including:

Helping to organise stem cell donor recruitment events, fundraising, collaborating with a range of other societies and groups, increasing the number of volunteers and social media presence of Marrow, supporting Marrow’s volunteers while also personally fundraising for Anthony Nolan (running a half marathon in London) and your additional volunteering at QMC as a weekly meal time assistant.

(all of our Going the Extra Mile Winners)


Student Group of the Year

Student Groups are driven by a cause outside of their own members, whether that’s helping the local community, the wider student community or a charity, these students selflessly dedicate their time to a cause beyond their own. These fantastic groups and their achievements really do speak for themselves

3rd Place: Equestrian Club

  • Congrats on providing exceptional opportunities for students and volunteers through all 3 aspects of your club: ‘Mind over Mountain’; RDA Volunteering Branch; and the Inclusive Riding Branch. 
  • Your excellent ‘Mind over Mountain’ campaign has promoted student welfare and fundraised for mental health charities such as Nightline and Student Minds. 
  • Moreover, we would like to recognise your contributions in relation to your new Equestrian Outreach program in collaboration with the Leadership Academy which provides riding sessions to school children who would not normally have the opportunity.

2nd Place: 2017 Welcome Committee

  • Congrats on successfully coordinating 200+ welcome mentors and running a series of profitable and successful events. 
  • You have expanded your remit by providing welcome mentors with first aid training, recording welfare incidents and introducing new roles into the committee to help include a wider range of student groups into the welcome programme.
  • Your dedication and hard work ensured a varied, safe and enjoyable experience for new and returning students.

1st Place: Nottingham Uni Boob Team

  • Congratulations for an outstanding year and exceptional fundraising for the breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel
  • You have been really successful in spreading your message of regularly checking your boobs/pecs.
  • Through your ‘Check your Doughnuts’ campaign you were able to raise awareness and get 103 people signed up to your boob check text service, and were also successful in recruiting new volunteers
  • Additionally you have recruited and maintained a strong volunteer base of both male and female volunteers!

(representatives from our Student Group of the year Winners)

Outstanding Volunteer of the Year

This category celebrates the truly outstanding volunteering achievements of students throughout the year! This is the most prestigious award an individual can win at the Student Volunteer Awards.

Students eligible to be nominated for this award may have:

  • Had a significant impact on the project/service users
  • Motivated and inspired others
  • Brought forward new ideas or suggested new ways of working
  • Excellent communication skills i.e. with other volunteers/staff/service users
  • Shown outstanding commitment & reliability

The Judging Panel found it impossible to have just 3 winners in this category.  For that reason, they implemented an honourable mention category

Honourable Mention- Anni Bailey -Nightline

  • We would like to recognise the exceptional commitment you have devoted to Nightline over the last 5 years.
  • You took on the role of two service coordinators and through the creation of a Steering Group have made the long-term sustainability of the service a reality.
  • Your collaborations with external groups have also strengthened the group and brought in new beneficial opportunities for volunteers such as a welfare workshop. 
  • You have encouraged committee members to take initiative and think creatively and the future success of the committee is a reflection of the time you have devoted to Nightline.

3rd Place:  Andrew Orsi- University of Nottingham Community First Responders

  • We would like to celebrate your outstanding commitment to UoN Community First Responders.
  • To name just a few of your major contributions as part of the leadership team you have been key to: securing funds to support your group, securing the purchase of new equipment as well as funding for new vehicle leases, establishing the recruitment and mentoring policies to help ensure the sustainability of CFR, establishing a scheme to provide volunteers with support for traumatic cases, organising a new website and a new App,
  • and finally, coordinating a new dispatch scheme as well as liaising with local ambulance services. 

2nd Place: Grace Owen- UoN Sport, Leadership Academy

  • We would like to congratulate you for embodying the delivery of the Engage, Inspire and Excel ethos at UoN Sport. 
  •  We would like to celebrate your involvement with the University Handball club’s development of inclusive handball session for all ages, abilities and disabilities.
  • In addition as Club Liaison Officer for the Welfare in Sport campaign you have supported and advised over 35 sports clubs on welfare and inclusion matters as well as volunteering to run a football tournament to raise awareness of men’s mental health in sport.
  • Additionally your volunteer commitment to the Leadership Academy has resulted in the recruitment and training of over 150 students for events such as BUCS Big Wednesday and the Widening Participation teams ‘Leaps to Success’ and ‘Discovery Day’ initiatives which raise aspirations of local children and get them thinking about university.
  • You have also been key to the success of University’s ‘Magic Bus’, and ‘Sport for Good’ programmes.

1st Place: Eden Scott and Sam Donnelly Fundraising officers from Nightline

  • Together you have worked tirelessly thought the year despite both being on a year abroad. 
  • On top of volunteering with the service, you have supported volunteers and smashed your fundraising targets. 
  • You also successfully implemented a new fundraising initiative and put on a very successful 5km Fun Run which achieved your annual targets in the first term.  
  • You have increased awareness of Nightline through a wide range of connections and collaborations and have been working towards establishing best practice for the sustainable future growth and development of Nightline. 
  • Cheers for being outstanding volunteers!

(Our Outstanding Volunteer winners)


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