The Student Volunteer Awards 2019!

Every year we hold the Student Volunteer Awards to showcase your amazing achievements this year! It is a night of celebrating the student volunteers from the University of Nottingham and the local charities that make the work we do possible. The ceremony, which took place on Thursday 16th May in the Great Hall, was a great success and we can't be more thrilled at what an amazing year it's been!

Awards are given in five categories:

  • Going the Extra Mile

  • Outstanding Volunteer

  • Student Group of the Year

  • Community Partner of the Year

  • Fundraising Campaign of the Year

This year we supported over 4,000 student volunteers and worked in collaboration with over 70 external charities, so we had so many successes to choose from! Even though only a few ended the night with an award, we want to thank each and every person who has contributed in some way, big or small! 

We had the pleasure of having Lilian Greenwood, MP for Nottingham South, join us once again this year as a keynote speaker. As the representative of the local community, it is always a pleasure to have her here and to hear her thoughts on the way our students have impacted Nottingham city. She talked about those who may doubt the contribution students make, and reiterated that our students massively enrich the culture, diversity and vibrancy of the city. She thanked our students for "making nottingham a better place to live", and praised our student volunteers for the range and diversity of organisations they volunteer with!

As well as handing out awards, the SVAs is a wonderful opportunity for reflection. We printed out photoes from this past year and encouraged student volunteers to find a picture they are in, label it and then pin it on display for all to see!

We are so thankful for the amazing student body we work with, and we are anticipating what will come in the new academic year! Thank you to NSTV, TEC PA & Lighting, Super Kitchen and Mike Spencer Photography for helping us make the SVAs a great event!  

If you would like to watch the SVAs in full, you can check it out here on the NSTV Youtube channel! If you were present at the awards, we have posted all of the photos on our Facebook page which you can check out here


As always, thank you and happy volunteering! 


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