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Post Pals aims to ‘post a smile on a sick child’s face’. Volunteers can send a card, letter, email or a little gift to seriously ill children and their siblings. It is an easy scheme for anyone to get involved with. To volunteer no commitment is required, the only costs are those of the occasional stamp. Posting a message takes around 5 minutes out of the day and can be done from the comfort of home, or in any free time for people with busy schedules.

Help brighten a child’s day by selecting a pal on the ‘find pals’ section of the website. These pages contain individual children’s stories and details, and you can then send them or their siblings something to make them smile. All the forwarding addresses and email addresses can be found on the pages. This is a fantastic opportunity to help make a difference. Perfect for volunteers who want to help and have little time from demanding timetables to do so.

An easy, flexible and rewarding scheme to help support ill children and their families by letting them know someone is there. Get involved and find out more through the link below:


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Students' Union
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Tel : 0115 846 8800

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