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Elbi is a worldwide micro-volunteering website and app which posts 3 different campaigns from charities around the world every day. Through the website you can create a profile and collect ‘Elbi’ point’s earnt through completing and helping some of these campaigns. The scheme’s motto is ‘where love unlocks change: It’s never been easier or more rewarding to do good’.  Highlighting the no commitment, quick, efficient yet rewarding nature of micro volunteering.

One such campaign, for example, is Nourish and Famous. A campaign which is fun and simple in which volunteers can help make children laugh and smile. Through using the create draw tool to draw your favourite food, you can make children laugh. Aberlour help children and parents with everything needed so that these children can beat poverty, to help them to be nurtured and nourished.

The campaigns which Elbi help volunteers get involved with are highly rewarding, diverse and quick and easy to complete. It is an online worldwide community of likeminded individuals making a difference one campaign at a time.



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