Be My Eyes

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Be My Eyes is a free smartphone app,  allowing for people to volunteer whenever suits their hectic timetables. A fantastic app connecting blind and visually impaired people with volunteer helpers from around the world via live video chat. Help solve challenges both big and small from across the world. 

Through a direct video call the app allows visually impaired people the opportunity to ask a sighted volunteer for help with tasks which require sight, such as reading the price or date of milk at the supermarket. This essentially allows the blind or visually impaired person the chance to ‘borrow’ the helper’s eyes through the app. The video chat function allows for the helper to see and describe what is on display, allowing them to work together to solve these problems. 

When a person is in need of help numerous volunteers are notified and called, there is no commitment or obligation to answer the call. Simply if you have a spare moment this provides a great opportunity to truly help an individual and make a difference to their lives. If the call is rejected, there is no worry as more volunteers will be notified until a match is found.

Help someone with their day-to-day lives, donate your sight for a few minutes and make a difference!



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