A safe lift home after a night out

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We’ve all been there, at the end of a night out, you’ve missed the last bus and have no way of getting home. Here in the Students’ Union we’re committed to making sure you’re safe on a night out, so we’ve been working hard over the summer with DG Taxis to put together a plan that will help you get a taxi home if you need it!

Here’s a brief guide to how the Safe Taxi Scheme works:

1.    To use the scheme you must order a taxi from DG Taxis and you must book the cab over the phone: 0115 950 0500 or via the DG Taxi access phones
2.    When you call DG Taxis – ask for the Safe Taxi Scheme. All calls are recorded.
3.    Once in the taxi you will need to show your Student ID card. The driver will take your details and Student ID number and give you a receipt for the journey. Please retain the receipt.
4.    Here in the Students’ Union we’ll receive an email the following day with the details of all students who have used the system. The Students’ Union will then contact the student to confirm all is well. Please note that ALL DG Taxis have security cameras in their vehicles which will help us identify students should we need to.
5.    The Students’ Union will then pay the fare. You will be required to settle your bill with the Students’ Union within one working week.
6.    If you have lost your Student ID, you must notify DG Taxis when booking the taxi. The driver will still take your details and give you a receipt. The Students’ Union will contact you the following day.

Please note that the safe Taxi Scheme has been put in place by the Students’ Union to help our students in a possible time of need and should not be used as an easy and convenient way of booking taxis.


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