A quick update on Portland building access

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*Important update Monday 9 October*

The Portland building central entrance from East Drive will remain closed for today and tomorrow. Access to the building from East Drive will be either via The Studio entrance (access to lift and east staircase) and Portland Coffee Co. and Blackwells entrance (access to west staircase).

Portland is changing and we’re working hard to get your new spaces finished. Thanks for bearing with us and sorry for the disruption but it will be worth it once it’s all done! To help you get around the building whilst the works are continuing here’s and update on access:

Portland building, B floor

  • If coming from the Trent building you can access the Portland building by the Portland patio level access outside your new SU café, Portland Coffee Co.
  • The B floor corridor is now open to Blackwells and the Portland Coffee Co. Work continues on the remaining retail units and we’ll update you when these will be open.  
  • Toilets are next to SPAR shop and Boots. More toilets on B floor will be available mid next week.
  • Staircase (Level B to E) next to the new Portland Coffee Co. is now open and accessible.

Portland building, A floor

  • The Chapel is accessible via Mooch and The Studio entrance. The staircase from B floor down to the Chapel is now open and accessible from but will have to close again for a short time for additional works to be completed.


  • The lift next to the SPAR Shop and Boots is accessible for levels B to E.
  • The lift near the back entrance to Café 56 and the Print Shop is accessible for levels A to E.
  • The central lift is currently out of service whilst work continues.

You can read a quick update on the developments from the University at: nottingham.ac.uk/currentstudents/news/2017/portland-building-redevelopment-—-update.aspx


Simon Lee Butt
4:08pm on 11 Oct 17 Hi, what are the future plans for Portland renovation?
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