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Faculty of Arts:

Faculty Rep: VACANT

American and Canadian Studies: Frankie Banks

French and Francophone Studies: Hannah Ventisei

English: Lailah Choudhry

Art History: Katja Vaararnen

History: Elizabeth Elkin

Culture, Film and Media: Neha Mantri

German: Paddy Crowley

Music: Claire Lisi

Theology and Religious Studies: Michele Lucherini

Nominations for Arts Faculty Rep, Russian and Slavonic Studies, Philosophy, SPLAS, Archaeology, and Classics Education Rep will open on 3rd April 2017. (


Faculty of Social Science:

Faculty Rep: VACANT

Economics: Amber Davis

Geography: Ellie Jackson

Business: Yash Bihani

Sociology and Social Policy: Emily Harris

Law: Aurelia Matonis

Politics and International Relations: Luke Whelan

Nominations for Social Sciences Faculty Rep and School of Education Education Rep will open on 3rd April 2017.


Faculty of Engineering:

Faculty Rep: Salome Sanchez

Architecture & Built Environment: Elizabeth Borland

Civil Engineering: Rachel Harvey

Chemical and Environmental Engineering: Dimitrios P. Potsos

Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering: Oliver Matthew Warlow

Nominations for Electrical and Electronic Engineering Education Rep will open on 3rd April 2017.


Faculty of Science:

Faculty Rep: Adam Matthew Blakey

Biosciences: Phoebe Anderson

Computer Science: James Benham-Whyte

Pharmacy: Aiysha Raoof and Lauren Harrison

Psychology: Hannah Slack

Chemistry: Mitchell Ferroni

Mathematical Sciences: Dan Bateman

Physics & Astronomy: Raj Jadav


Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences:

Faculty Rep: Abigail McLaughlin-Gallagher

Medical Sciences: Miranda Roberts

Life Sciences (Neuroscience): Sara Lam

Life Sciences (Biochemistry): Bethan Greenwood

Nursing Nottingham (Academic): Vicci Spires

Nursing Nottingham (Clinical): Gavin Hibberd-Smith

Physiotherapy: Dave Fone

Medicine and GEM: Ehsaan Qureshi

Veterinary Medicine and Science: Millie Holdsworth

Nominations for Life Sciences (Biology), Nursing Derby, and Midwifery Education Rep will open on 3rd April 2017.


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