We're officially 'Very Good'

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Following an NUS quality audit on Tuesday 20 June, we’re excited to say that your Students’ Union has improved and is now recognised as ‘Very Good’!


What does ‘very good’ mean?

The NUS quality mark was created to assure quality, standards, and effectiveness from Students’ Unions, and comes in four categories – ‘working towards’, ‘good’, ‘very good’, and ‘excellent’. Each category has its own criteria, and it’s up to the Students’ Union to meet the criteria to achieve one of the grades.

Remember the SU strategy? One of the objectives was to improve from a ‘good’ Students’ Union to a ‘very good’ one, and now we’ve done it! So, if you had any questions before about what the strategy is and what is does here’s a perfect example.

What happens next?

We all continue to make surey our student life at the University of Nottingham is the best that it can be. 

You’ve already been using your voice in creating the next strategy, the new Portland building is coming together, and of course Welcome will be here in September to offer a taster of everything that makes us 'very good'. 


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