Welcome to your University

Dear Students,

Welcome to your University. As your Students’ Union President and University Vice-Chancellor, we wanted to say hello to both new and returning students to Nottingham. We hope that you enjoyed your summer and are now looking forward to everything that the University of Nottingham and the Students’ Union has to offer.

Jess Lendon, University of Nottingham Students' Union President

I am Jess Lendon, your 2018/19 Students’ Union President and I have just graduated with a BSc in Economics and Econometrics. I have been involved in a diverse range of activities across the University and Students’ Union including being on the Welcome Committee, playing BUCS Hockey and organising the International Student Summit.

Your Students’ Union is here to represent you and to make student life the best it can be, providing you with a range of opportunities in which to get involved. We aim to support and meet your needs while you are at Nottingham, whether that is sports, societies, welfare, events, academic representation or anything in between.

As President of the Students’ Union, my focus is on making sure your voices are heard and that I truly represent what you, the students, want and need at both a Students' Union and University level. This year I am particularly working on improving student safety, developing a new rewards and recognition system, ensuring that international students have greater representation within the Students' Union, and increasing the awareness of the Students' Union Officers and the Students' Union in general.

I am especially keen to listen and engage with the whole student community on all the issues that matter to you and make sure the student voice is heard. I am really looking forward to working closely with the student body and Vice-Chancellor in the year ahead.

Professor Shearer West, Vice-Chancelllor, University of Nottingham

As your Vice-Chancellor, I am accountable for everything that happens in the University, and I am committed to ensuring that you benefit from both the education and the experience our University offers.

I grew up in a small town in the United States and was the first in my family to go to university, so I am a passionate believer in the benefits of the high quality education you will have here.

The University Executive Board and I will work closely with Jess and her Students' Union team to make sure that your time at Nottingham is truly memorable and delivers an outstanding education, a vibrant student experience and a welcoming and inclusive environment.

In closing, may we wish you every success in your studies and every happiness as you take advantage of all the opportunities that the University of Nottingham and the Students’ Union has to offer.

Best wishes

Jess Lendon and Professor Shearer West


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