Update on Union policy and affiliation of Societies

On Wednesday 24 July the Officers released a statement regarding the questions around society affiliations and democratic processes at the Students’ Union. In this statement it was made clear that we would be calling an extraordinary single-issue Union Council to cement the Union’s position as clearly holding pro-choice values. This Council has now been called and will be held next Thursday 10 October at 6.30pm in A39, Sir Clive Granger Building. This policy will positively affirm the Union’s stance on the importance of reproductive autonomy and supporting our members to enact that. Union Council is an open meeting to all students who can ask questions and raise issues; all you need to bring is your current student ID.

The aforementioned statement identified that a set of shortcomings in our governance processes were a major issue. Since then a number of steps have taken place to make sure our processes are robust:

  • There is currently a review taking place of the society affiliation process. This will be going through our democratic procedures over the next couple of weeks. This includes meeting a steering group composed of both students and members of Societies’ Council Committee, and will conclude with a motion to Democratic Procedures Committee (DPC).  This means we should have an effective process in place before the coming October Societies’ Council so we can recommence new affiliations.
  • Some issues identified with the Code of Conduct have been reviewed and will also be going through the DPC over the next couple weeks.
  • Digital infrastructure has just gone into place on the website to both inform about what the Trustee Board is, what it does, and why we have it, and also to allow the publication of Trustee Board summaries and Full-Time Officer Committee meeting minutes. This is just an initial step to make the processes more transparent; a more robust version will follow.

More updates will follow and we encourage all students to attend the democratic committee meetings that are coming up, notably the Extraordinary Council next week (Thurs 10 October), DPC a week on Tuesday (15 October), and Officer Scrutiny Panel on Thursday 24 October.

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