University of Nottingham Students’ Union’s Stance on Antisemitism

The University of Nottingham Students’ Union condemns antisemitism in all of its manifestations. Antisemitism is hostility to or prejudice against those of Jewish faith and/or ethnicity. In order to be truly anti-racist, we must also combat antisemitism in all its forms. The antisemitic social media posts of high-profile celebrities, such as Wiley, have highlighted the ways in which antisemitism is perpetuated in society.

As an SU we need to continue to combat antisemitism, not only when there are high-profile incidents but in our day-to-day lives. The following services and policies are already in place to support our students who are part of the Jewish community:


Sofia Thomas, Community Officer

Nottingham JSoc

Denis Lelin, Activities Officer

Becca Craven, Education Officer

Sam Hawkins, Liberation Officer

Emily Coleman, Welfare and Wellbeing Officer

Madeleine Fox, Union Development Officer

Josie Jessop, Sports Officer

Abdi Ahmed, Postgraduate Officer


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