Tenancy Deposit Protection schemes are 10 years old!

Since 6 April 2007, it has been a legal requirement that when you pay a deposit and you are an assured short-hold tenant, your landlord has to protect your deposit with a tenancy deposit scheme.

Within 30 days of you paying a deposit this should be registered with a scheme and the landlord must provide prescribed information, including a copy of the deposit protection certificate. If the legal requirements are not met then a court can award you between one and three times the value of your deposit in compensation.

Student Advice receive many complaints each year from students who are struggling to get their deposits back. If your deposit is protected and you can’t agree with your landlord or agent the amount that should be refunded, you can raise a dispute with your Deposit Scheme. This is a free service and the decision is based on evidence including the inventory and check out report and can mean you receive more of your deposit back. Before raising a dispute, Student Advice can help you challenge any deductions you feel are unfair. If the deposit is not protected we can support you in negotiating for compensation or to apply to court. 


Top tip –  Contact the scheme named in your tenancy agreement to confirm the deposit is protected.

Check your emails and paperwork to confirm if you have received a copy of the protection certificate and full prescribed information. If you’re unsure or haven’t been given the deposit reference number, contact us for advice. 


Student Advice are here to help; did you know last year we supported 198 students’ households to get their deposits back?

Contact us with any questions or concerns about your tenancy deposits or deposit protection. For a quick guide to tenancy deposit protection, visit https://su.nottingham.ac.uk/advice/housing-advice/tdp to see our new infographic.

Your Students’ Union President, Ismail has also written about his experiences with tenancy deposit protection on the blog.


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