Students' Union officially 'Good'

Good news, everyone!

Your SU has officially been granted ‘Good’ status in the NUS Green Impact Student Group Scheme for 2018.

Lee Taylor, our Environment and Social Justice Officer, said: ‘This is a huge milestone, as we were only expecting to be announced as ‘Working Towards’. The target now for this year is to keep this momentum going and improve to ‘Very Good’ – or even ‘Excellent’ – and to continue pushing to become more sustainable, both internally and through the campaigns and events we run.’

This is a great achievement, and something we should be very proud of – though there’s always room for improvement when it comes to sustainability.

If you have any ideas to help improve our sustainability and boost our status, want to know more about our environmental policies, or would like to find out more about what we do now, get in touch with Lee.


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