Student Leader Elections: Nominate yourself

Have you got what it takes to make change? Be a leader, not a follower, and put yourself forward for the Student Leader Elections. Nominations are now open!

Who should stand?

Anyone can stand for election – you’ve just got to nominate yourself. But before you do, ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I passionate about having a positive impact on the lives of my fellow students?
  • Have I got big ideas to make a big difference to my Students’ Union?
  • Do I want to make change?

If you answer ‘yes’, get your name down.

There are full-time and part-time positions available; take a look at what you can run for:

Full-time Officers


Your Students’ Union President heads up the Officer team. It’s their job to represent you and make sure you get what you need at a University and SU level.

Sports Officer

Your Sports Officer is here to help you make the most of all the amazing sports facilities that are available at Nottingham, as well as improve your sports experience.

Education Officer

Your Education Officer oversees the Education Network, and represents your views and needs when it comes to all things education.

Community Officer

Your Community Officer fights for your rights across a range of issues, including housing, transport and mental health. Working with the council, police and community groups, they make sure your voice is heard.

Equal Opportunities and Welfare Officer

Heading up the Welfare Network, your Equal Ops and Welfare Officer represents your needs and makes sure they’re fully addressed by the SU and the University.

Activities Officer

From joining a society to taking part in events, when it comes to helping you get involved with everything your SU has to offer, your Activities Officer is the person to talk to!

Postgraduate Officer

Your Postgraduate Officer works hard to represent the views and needs of the University’s PG community, boosting opportunities and making sure you have the most rewarding experience while you’re at Nottingham.

Part-time Officers

International Officer

Your International Officer looks after the International Students’ Network and stands up for the views of those of you who come from outside the UK to study at Nottingham.

LGBT+ Officer

Your LGBT+ Officer is here to represent all of you who are members of the LGBT+ community, as well as those of you who don’t conform with heteronormative and cis-normative expectations of society.

Black and Minority Ethnic Officer

Your BME Officer stands up for those of you who identify as part of the BAME community. They represent your views and work to help make sure that your SU and University are safe and welcoming for everyone.

Environment and Social Justice Officer

Nottingham is one of the greenest universities in the country, and it’s the ESJ Officer’s job to keep sustainability at the top of the agenda and make sure the University and SU consider the environmental impact of everything they do.

Mature Students’ Officer

Your Mature Students’ Officer is the voice of those of you who are classed as mature students. They represent your views and campaign on behalf of your needs, making University an accessible place for everyone.

Disabled Students’ Officer

Whatever your disability, your Disabled Students’ Officer works hard to make sure your voice is heard and your needs are met throughout the SU and University.

Women’s* Officer

Your Women’s* Officer represents all women (trans, non-binary and intersex inclusive), as well as anyone who considers womanhood to be part of their identity, and/or who experiences oppression as women. They also head up the Women’s* Network.

Interested? You’ve got until 5pm on Wednesday 13 February to nominate yourself, so get your name down!


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