Student Leader Elections 2020: voting postponed

In light of the recent escalation of the coronavirus pandemic, and following consultation with the Elections Committee, your SU have made the difficult decision to postpone campaigning and voting for the Student Leader Elections.

Instead, campaigning and voting will take place during the next set of elections, which are scheduled for early May.

If the situation changes between now and then and we find that we’re not able to safely support physical campaigning for any reason, we’ll be able to run an online election. This means that, while candidates won’t be out campaigning in person, they’ll be able to promote their policies and manifestos on social media instead.

Your elections team have put together some FAQs, and if you have any other questions, you can get in touch with them at 

What does this mean for the campaigning/voting period?

The campaigning and voting period will not run during the original scheduled dates (Thursday 19 – Friday 27 March). Campaigning and voting will now take place at the same time as elections for the Union Development, Liberation, and Welfare & Wellbeing roles (Monday 4 – Monday 11 May).

What if face to face teaching is still suspended in May?

At this moment in time it’s difficult to predict the effect of Coronavirus in May. Should the University continue to work to a schedule of online only learning during the new campaigning and voting dates (Monday 4 – Monday 11 May), we’ll consider running an online only election at this time.

What is an online only election?

If we’re unable to safely support physical campaigning due to restrictions on movement, we have the option to run an online only election. This means there’ll be no physical campaigning, but candidates can use their online resources such as social media to promote their polices and manifestos. We intend to develop some training resources (delivered online) to assist you in running an online only campaign, should this be needed.

Will there be another set of nominations for the position I am running for?

No – the nominations period has run successfully for positions, so we won't be repeating it. All candidates that have received confirmation of nomination and haven’t been disqualified will be taken forward into the next campaigning and voting period in May.

What about elections events like hustings and results night?

At this point in time we’re not in a position to confirm how elections events will be run. We’ll be working closely with the student media groups who help us run events such as the media day, hustings and results night to consider alternative ways these events can be run. As soon as we have more information about how these events might run, we’ll be in touch.

I’ve spent money on things I might not get to use in my campaign. Will I get this back?

Yes! If you’ve spent money from your allocation on physical resources, we’ll reimburse this in full should we need to run an online only campaign and you’re unable to use these.


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