Say hello to your 2020-21 SU Officers

We want to say a big hello to this year’s SU Officers. They’re a friendly team of eight full-time and seven part-time Officers who’ve been voted in by students like you.

It’s their job to represent you, be your voice and fight for change on your behalf, whether that’s in the Students’ Union, the University or the wider Nottingham community.

So, we’re thrilled to introduce your SU Officers for 2020/21:


Union Development Officer: Madeleine Fox

Sports Officer: Josie Jessop

Welfare and Wellbeing Officer: Emily Coleman

Activities Officer: Denis Lelin 

Liberation Officer: Sam Jefferson Hawkins

Education Officer: Rebecca Louise Craven 

Postgraduate Officer: Abdirahman Ahmed

Community Officer: Sofia Thomas 

They can’t wait to get started and work with you to improve your SU and University experience. They’ll be taking up their new positions in July, and while you’re not able to pop into their office (on C Floor of the Portland Building) just yet, you can always drop them an email.


International Students’ Officer: Jenan Kamel

Disabled Students’ Officer: Maxime Ryder

Black and Minority Ethnic Students’ Officer: Hera Aryubi

Women*’s Officer: Kiitan Abel-Ajala 

Environment and Social Justice Officer: Martha Roberts

LGBT+ Officer: Samuel Boath 

We will be re-opening the nominations for the Mature Students’ Officer soon, so watch this space!

Your part-time Officers will be starting in September, so look out for them when you’re back on campus. 


Contact Details

Students' Union
Portland Building
University Park
Opening hours

Tel : 0115 846 8800

9am - 5pm
Monday to Friday