NUS Liberation Conference

The NUS are holding their first ever Liberation Conference on Wednesday 27 May – and you’re invited!

Because we’re an NUS affiliated Students’ Union, we’re entitled to send a delegation made up of six students, so long as they fill the specified delegate roles. While four of the roles have already been filled, we’re still looking for two of you to be our black* student delegate and black woman* student delegate (the NUS use black to mean students from African, Asian, Arab and Caribbean heritage). 

It’s really important that we’re able to represent everyone equally, so if you’re a current UoN student who self-defines as black* or a black woman* and are interested in becoming a delegate for either of these roles, visit our web page to find out more and apply

This digital, online conference takes place in a few short weeks, so the roles will be filled on a first come, first served basis, so make sure you apply soon so you don’t miss out


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