Marks Out of Tenancy - what's it all about?

Today we’re launching our partnership with Marks Out Of Tenancy, a website that allows you to search, review and rate letting agents and landlords. You can also use it to search for a property, landlord or letting agent and see what rating they’ve been given – or add your own to help others.

This follows a manifesto pledge from Jacob Collier, your Community Officer, who wanted to help students make more informed decisions when renting.

Jacob said, “Students have been informally reviewing their landlords for many years, through word of mouth or posting on Facebook pages. Now we’re able to put these experiences in an easily accessible and dedicated place. I hope our partnership with Marks Out of Tenancy will go some small way to improving the renting experience in Nottingham.”

Ben Yarrow, Founder and CEO of Marks Out Of Tenancy said, “When you're a student, finding a place to rent isn't hard. It's just that the most important bits of information aren't available. Questions like: Is this a house I can live, study and thrive in?, What's the track record of this letting agent?, Is this neighbourhood suitable for students?, and How good is this landlord? You don't find answers to those questions on the letting agent websites, from landlords, or on the property portals - but you can on Marks Out Of Tenancy.”

You can add a review (either positive or negative) at

For housing advice or support, visit the SU Advice pages.


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