Lessons from Auschwitz

From Sunday 18 to Monday 19 November, Jacob Collier (your Community Officer) and Katie Clubb (your Activities Officer) will be taking part in Lessons from Auschwitz, a project run by the Holocaust Educational Trust to clearly highlight what can happen if prejudice and racism become acceptable. It examines historical events and explores their relevance for today.

This visit is organised alongside the Union of Jewish Students and is open to sabbatical officers from universities across the country. Jacob and Katie will be accompanied by Andy Winter, the University’s Campus Life Director, who is attending on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor.

The Students’ Union already has a clear policy on condemning anti-Semitism, and on commemorating Holocaust Memorial Day, but we can always expand our knowledge and understanding.

If you have any comments, queries or issues you’d like us to think about and explore during our trip then please let us know. Send them through to Jacob at sucommunity@nottingham.ac.uk 

Shortly after the visit, Jacob and Katie will be doing a Facebook Live event on the University Facebook page to answer your questions and reflect on their experiences of their visit to Auschwitz.


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