Holocaust Memorial Day Statement

Tomorrow is Holocaust Memorial Day. We mark this day as an annual reminder of the horrors of the Holocaust and mass genocide during the Second World War, and the millions impacted since through the atrocities in Cambodia, Bosnia, Rwanda and Sudan.

In remembering all of those who were killed in the Holocaust, we recognise that genocide stems from unchecked and unchallenged thoughts, words and acts of discrimination.

However distant these events appear, the reality is that we live in a world where discrimination, persecution and genocide still exist.

We celebrate the achievements of our Jewish students, staff and alumni at the University of Nottingham. Their contributions help to shape our multicultural University community.

As a Students’ Union, we condemn these acts of hate and ignorance. We celebrate the diversity of thought and the variety of activities championed by students. We remember the past, so that we can look forward towards a brighter future where understanding and appreciation of our differences prevails over fear.

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