Grad Ball tickets sell out

On Friday 17 May we received an unprecedented and overwhelming response to the sale of Grad Ball Entertainments tickets. We apologise to those students who had issues purchasing the tickets, or who were unable to obtain a ticket due to the high demand.

We’re currently looking into the reasons why the online ticketing system, hosted by an external partner, wasn’t able to keep up with the demand on this occasion, to make sure there’s a better service for future events.

Grad Ball is limited to 2,600 tickets; 500 of these tickets are dinner tickets, and the remaining 2,100 are for Entertainment only. We have previously researched Nottingham and its surrounding areas to offer the event in its current format, and Colwick Hall is one of the only locations that can cater for these numbers while meeting the demand of UoN students for a prestigious event.

Entertainment-only tickets are available on a first come, first served basis and the vast majority of tickets have been sold to graduating students. The suggestion that this event is being attended by a large number of non-graduating students is not supported by the sales data collected. We shape Grad Ball based on student feedback and in response to feedback in previous years, we allow the primary booker to purchase a ticket for a guest. On this basis it is possible for this guest to be a non-graduate.

As a result of the great work of our staff and volunteer teams, this year’s event has been popular and the demand has increased. We will investigate how we can address the issues raised for future events.


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