General Election: Nottingham Students' Manifesto

To get ready for the General Election on Thursday 12 December, University of Nottingham Students’ Union and Nottingham Trent Students’ Union have joined forces to make sure local candidates prioritise the issues you face as students.

That’s why we’ve launched the Nottingham Students’ Manifesto. It’s made up of seven key areas that are based on the feedback from students attending both universities.

We’re asking candidates standing in Nottinghamshire constituencies to commit to supporting these pledges covering the environment, transport and healthcare.

When it comes to Brexit, you’re divided. Some of you favour a no deal exit, some of you want Britain to leave with a deal and others believe that we should remain in the European Union or pursue a second referendum.

Jacob Collier, UoNSU Community Officer, said, “At a pivotal time in the history of the UK, we want to make sure that students feel empowered to vote and be supported by their local MPs.

We’ve collaborated with a sense of urgency to get students involved in what we believe is a critical moment for our generation.”

You can read a copy of the manifesto here.


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