Extraordinary Union Council meeting - what happened?

A message from James, your SU President:

On Thursday 10 October, we held our first ever Extraordinary Union Council. This was called by the Full-Time Officer Committee on the back of student interest to address the Students’ Union’s official position on reproductive autonomy and the welfare of our students who are experiencing pregnancy. We had a fantastic turnout to this Union Council, our highest ever attendance, which made for a (two hour!) detailed and thorough discussion.

There were some great, thought-provoking points: what it would mean to be a pro-choice Students’ Union, how that translates for our members, and how we will signpost students in need to relevant services such as our Student Advice Centre.

Democracy is at the core of our Students’ Union, and the room was opened up to unique viewpoints from panellists, Officers, and audience members to guarantee space for discussion. This included clarifications to the policy, to make sure the final version would be inclusive and representative of members’ needs.

Following the main discussion, the vote of our panel of members was unanimous in declaring that the University of Nottingham Students’ Union’s stance is to support our members’ rights to reproductive autonomy and to be a pro-choice institution, and that we will provide support to any of our members that need help, advice and support for whatever service they require when it comes to pregnancy and their choices surrounding it.

You can find the policy in full here, under point number 9: su.nottingham.ac.uk/make-change/union-policy/student-welfare/


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