Course Rep elections - vote now

The nominations are in and your candidates are ready: so now it’s time to vote for your Course Reps.

How do you cast your vote?

Follow these simple steps to mark your ballot:

  • Head to (make sure you’re logged in to the SU site!)
  • Scroll down to Course Rep Elections 2019.20 and click Vote Now
  • You’ll see all the positions that can be voted for. Make sure you read the list carefully and only choose the post that matches your course and year. This is usually just one role, but there are some exceptions. For example: in Engineering’s departments, there are roles for Digital Learning Departmental Reps and Course Reps, so a CEE Year 1 Student would be able to vote for both: their CEE Year 1 Course Rep, and the CEE Digital Learning Rep
  • Once you’ve chosen the position for your course, you’ll be able to pick a candidate running for the role (as well as see their photo and read their manifesto, if they’ve uploaded one). There’ll always be a RON (re-open nominations) option too; click the ‘about’ button to find out more
  • Rank the candidates in order of preference (number one is your first choice etc.), and select ‘no further preferences’ once you’ve chosen
  • Submit your vote


If you’re not sure which positions you should be voting for, email to find out.

Don’t forget: voting closes at 3pm on Friday 11 October, so make sure you cast your vote to have your say on your representatives for this academic year.


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