Council tax liability

If you’ve completed your degree and are no longer registered as a student, it’s likely you’ll be liable to pay council tax. For final year undergraduates, the last day of the summer term is the official last day of your student status. This means that after the end of term, you will usually be liable to pay council tax until the end of your tenancy agreement (even if you are going to a different postgraduate course next year). So, at the end of your tenancy you should make sure you check to see whether you are liable and how much you need to pay if you are. The local councils do chase students for any council tax outstanding, so make sure you look out for letters from them.

For more advice and information about Council Tax, please contact a Welfare Adviser at Students' Union Advice on 0115 846 8730, at or drop by our offices on C floor of the Portland building.


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