Climate emergency declaration

The University of Nottingham Students’ Union (UoNSU) is a democratically led organisation. On Thursday 7 November, the Union Council passed Policy making the Union’s position on the global climate situation very clear.

UoNSU acknowledges that we currently exist in a state of climate and ecological emergency. This crisis requires everyone’s immediate and radical attention and action.

The Union believes, based on the facts available today, that it would be a breach of our responsibilities to our members to continue as though there isn’t a climate emergency.

This Policy pledges that the Union will commit to having its processes rethought and, where appropriate, reconstructed in the context of a climate emergency; to work towards developing and publishing a Sustainability Action Plan and annual sustainability reports; and to work with the University and local authorities to raise awareness of, and better tackle, the climate emergency. 

This includes a commitment to take all steps towards becoming carbon-neutral in all matters/operations within the Union’s control by no later than 2028, with realistic interim milestones identified along the way. 

As a membership organisation, the Union is aware that one of the most important aspects will be working to help and educate its members to lead a more sustainable lifestyle during their time at University and beyond. 

We’re proud that our members have acknowledged the state of the global climate and are committed to both mitigating our impact and helping our members to further tackle the climate and ecological emergency.

James Pheasey, President

Lee Taylor, Environment and Social Justice Officer


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