Your Hall, your Call!

Do you think you should be asked about changes to your Hall Welfare System? Do you think you should be asked about changes to your Hall Welfare System?

The University has proposed changes to the Welfare System in Halls of Residence. Whilst these plans would mean a more consistent approach to the number of tutors and wardens in Halls, it would also mean their numbers would be reduced:

•    The wardens in the campus halls are being reallocated; the current system of 1 warden per hall will change to 1 warden per three Halls. (excluding Broadgate Park and Sutton Bonington).
•    The ratio of tutors to students in campus halls is being changed from 1:35 to 1:50.

What do you think? Changes to the Welfare System in your Hall may substantially affect the level of support you and future students will receive, as well as your overall student experience. The University has not asked for your opinion. Should you have been consulted? 

If you think students who are directly affected by the changes should have been consulted by the University, make your feelings heard by signing this petition:

Your Hall, your Call! 

** Some people have been having problems filling in the petition; if you have been having problems don't be put off, please email your details to or to make sure you are still counted. Apologies for any inconvenience, we appreciate your support! **


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