Volunteering news

Committee Positions Available with Hope Soc!

Grow your skills and help support Hope for Children!

One off opportunity: Kegworth Easter Market!

On Monday 22 April help get Kegworth celebrate Easter!

Special Volunteering Opportunity: I.T. Support Volunteer for Age UK

Age UK are looking for volunteers with excellent computer skills to help support in their head office in Nottingham.

One off opportunity: Get involved at Notts Triathlon and Tristars Aquathlon on UP campus!

Help get adults and juniors involved in multi-sport racing on Saturday 6 April 2019! Go on, give it a 'TRI'

Celebrate Student Volunteering this Student Volunteering Week!

We're collecting and sharing stories of student volunteering

Volunteer Awards 2018!

Winners announced!

Free Rice!

Every correct answer in these fun multiple choice games donates rice to the World Food Programme!


Help find the micro volunteering campaign for you on Elbi! The website and app which posts 3 different campaigns a day providing a wide range of projects to easily get involved with.

Charity Miles

Charity Miles is a free smartphone app in which people can exercise to donate for free!


Explore the Zooniverse! Volunteers are invited to help with research projects from around the world and across space helping to solve some of life's mysteries.

Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes is a smartphone app which helps blind and visually impaired people 'borrow' the eyes of sighted individuals through live video chat. Help someone with their day-to-day lives one call at a time!

Post Pals

Find a Post Pal today and 'post a smile on a sick child's face'!


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