Student Leader Elections

Current Elections


Elections Committee - Voting currently LIVE

Elections Committee, consisting of six elected students, two Full-time Officers and one Part-Time Officer, maintains and enforces the election guidelines and promotes all cross-campus elections. [...Read More]

Democratic Procedures Committee - Voting currently LIVE

Democratic Procedures Committee, consisting of nine students and three officers, maintains the governing documents of the Students’ Union. [...Read More]

Hall Committee - Voting currently LIVE

Every Hall at the University of Nottingam has a Hall Committee made up of an elected group of current residents in place to make sure that every single resident gets the best student living experience possible! [...Read More]


Scrutiny Panel - Voting currently LIVE

Student Scrutineers hold all full-time Officers and the Environment and Social Justice Officer to account on their remit, manifesto, and policy. [...Read more] 


NUS National Conference - Voting currently LIVE

National Conference, hosted by the National Union of Students votes on policy and leadership at a national level for all student unions which are members. 


Living Out Committee - Voting currently LIVE

Living Out Committee represents students in their first year who are not in Halls of Residence or who live at home.


Voting for all the above elections is currently LIVE and closes 3pm Mon 30th November.


Please follow the links above to view manifestos for those elections.

Already know who you are voting for? Click here to cast your vote. 




We use a voting system called Single Transferable Vote (STV) - unsure how this works?


Here’s a quick fun video.


Why do we use this system? (Please see ‘Elections’ by-law II.)


If you have any questions about voting or the above elections, please email


For society, club or network elections, please see their own individual web pages.


Elections Troubleshooting (Click Here)
Having trouble voting on the online Voting App?

Contact or the IT helpdesk on 0115 95 16677

Be sure to include your student number in any message.


Complaints about the elections must be made using this form. These will be reviewed and ruled on by Elections Committee in accordance with the Elections Bye-laws and Guidance documents

Elections Committee & DRO

The Deputy Returning Officer for all the above elections and referenda will be the Chair of Elections Committee Joe Caunce. He can be contacted at:


Are there any provisions for students that require reasonable adjustments to be made in order to stand in elections?

Reasonable adjustments to the process may be made in consultation with the Campaigns and Democracy Manager and Human Resources. Please contact us at should you wish to discuss this further.



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