Postgraduate Officer

Abdi Ahmed Postgraduate Officer

Hi, I’m Abdi, proudly serving as your new 2019/2020 Postgraduate Officer!

My previous role in the Students’ Union was JCR President, where I led a committee that worked to benefit students. It was such a valuable and rewarding experience! So I’m incredibly honoured to be your new voice for inspiring change and empowering you, not just to make sure you’re all heard, but to make your time here the best and warmest it can be.

This year, I’ll focus on enhancing the interaction between postgraduates and the SU. I want PGs to have access to more support services that are specially tailored to them in terms of welfare, careers and employability, and to have better representation in sports and societies. And we need a more clearly structured Welcome programme to help PGs settle in, along with more interaction and collaboration with the SU.