Postgraduate Officer

Cassie Ulrich Postgraduate Officer

Hi, I'm Cassie, your 2018/2019 Postgraduate Officer. Last year I was an international postgraduate student and my experience was absolutely incredible. As your representative I'm excited to be student-facing, to champion your voices, and to help you have the fullest experience at the University of Nottingham.

This year I aim to deliver more professional development opportunities; to increase support and representation through the Postgraduate Students' Network and Officer role; to break down barriers to postgraduate well-being; and to review the supervisor provision postgraduate students receive. I'm keen to have your input so never hesitate to reach out!

Visit the Postgraduate Students' Network to find out what's going on in the PG community.

Policy I'm working on:

Postgraduates Who Teach

Creation of a new Part-Time Officer for Part-Time students and Distance Learners