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1. UoNSU: A Sustainable SU

Proposed By: Ellie Mitchell (UoNSU Community Officer 2017/18)
Passed on 10th May 2018. (434th Union Council)
Protected until 10th May 2020.
Primary Officers: Community & Environment and Social Justice


To mandate the Community Officer and Environmental and Social Justice Officer, with appropriate staff support, to form a Sustainability Working Group to review the work of the Students’ Union in terms of its sustainability and ethics.

To mandate the Sustainability Working Group to create a Sustainable S.U. Strategy document which shall be presented to Democratic Procedures Committee for formal approval and which shall have the standing of a Guidance Document within the governance of the Union. The Working Group should review all areas of Union activity and its findings and recommendations should come with clear timeframes for delivery. The Strategy should be reviewed annually and updated as necessary to reflect progress, or lack of, and reprioritise work.

To become an NUS Green Impact Students’ Union (GISU) accredited Union, rated ‘Excellent’. The Sustainability Working Group shall be the coordinating body for this purpose.


Our Union already has Waste and Recycling Guidance Document that gives broad statements of values – this motion seeks to underpin that document with an active Working Group and provide a proactive strategy for implementation and growth of UoNSU as a sustainable SU.

Who we are and how we do things should be reflective of the progressive values our Union holds, lessening our environmental impact and making choices that make a positive difference to the world; we need to think globally, and act locally.

Nearly 100 other students’ unions nationally have become NUS GISUs, and we should be working towards the best possible ranking in their accreditation, learning from others and applying that knowledge to become as a leader in the sector for sustainability.


Our Waste and Recycling Guidance Document can be found on the website, and its key points including focussing on reducing waste and putting sustainability at the heart of our work.

NUS Green Impact Students Union info can be found here: https://sustainability.nus.org.uk/green-impact

To become an NUS GISU we will need to have a Working Group to coordinate the work. It will be a broader piece of work than just reviewing recycling opportunities. As their own website says:
"Although it’s called ‘Green Impact’ it’s not just about planting trees or getting your recycling in order, sustainability is a lot more than that, touching on issues of equality, community, curriculum reform, campaigning and much more. Our vision is that through sustainability initiatives on campus alongside the content of the taught curriculum, students will graduate from higher education being equipped to deal with the global challenges we currently face."