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Pumped up about a petition? Confident for a cause? Dotty about democracy? You're in the right place!

Ooh! I want to start a petition with UoNSU!

Fantastic! Here's the key information to get you started:

Any petition run through the Students' Union is designed to trigger our democratic processes. This might be a referendum, or an extraordinary meeting, for example. If you have an idea, cause or statement that you think fits this, then we will set this up for you and send you regular updates on how many people have signed up.

Only full members of the Students' Union are eligible to sign petitions run through our website. And, while we'll happily set it all up and keep you updated, it is the responsibility of the petition organiser to promote their petition. 

If you would like to start a petiton with us, please email suelections@nottingham.ac.uk or visit the Representation Development department of the Students' Union on B Floor, Portland Building.

But I need the names of my signatories!

Where a student is looking to create a list of names, such as for a letter to a member of the University, a local borough council, an external service, and so on, they would be best to instead use a certified petitions platform. We have a few we recommend:

- Change.org
- 38degrees
Parliament Petitions

This is because all of these petitions sites are GDPR compliant - as is your Students' Union. This is also important if you are looking for signatures from students and non-students - we can only set up a petition on our website that full members of the Union can sign.

I just need a list of names. Can I send a document instead?

Even if it has the best intentions, we highly recommend that no student signs anything like an editable document, or generally an unsecure document of any kind, as essentially this is just publishing a list of people's information, and there's no guarantee this information is being used for the appropriate reason.

If you have any questions, or would like to start setting up a petition, feel free to e-mail us at suelections@nottingham.ac.uk!

The Representation Development Team

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