Your Ideas for Change

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Getting support for your idea

To make change happen you'll need to get support for your idea. The most effective way of doing this is to bring your initial outline and have a chat with of member of the Representation Development Team.  They can advise you in advance of Union Council and give you the opportunity to gain access to any background and research that may be relevant to your idea.

The Students' Union Representation Development team can also work with you to find the most effective way of taking it forward. This may include developing a campaign, taking your idea to Union Council, or sometimes your elected Officers may just be able to make it happen.

If your idea becomes a campaign, or other Students' Union supported project, you'll be able to track its progress and hold the full-time, elected Officers of the Students' Union to account via Scrutiny Panel.


What if I want to take my idea to Union Council?

The Students' Union is a complex organisation with many different facets, projects and activities so we recommend that you arrange to meet a member of the Representation Development Team so that you can get a full picture of the likely impact of your idea if it were to be passed. This will help give your idea the best chance of passing.

Already got an idea for change? Great! Let us know by filling in this quick form and a member of the team will get back to you.

It's important to be aware of existing policy as this lasts for at least the next two years unless it is overturned by a higher body or referendum (or if the resolutions specified indicate an earlier deadline) therefore it cannot simply be replaced by a new policy.   

Every Union Council has a deadline for motions to be submitted which you can find here. Motions must be submitted to a member of the  Representation Development Team.

How do I write a Union Council Motion?

As mentioned above, Students' Union staff are happy to meet with you to assist you in this. We also suggest that you look at the existing policy file as this will not only tell you if there is already a similar policy but will also show you how to write a motion. 

The essentials are that it should have clear sections explaining:

  • Why you are proposing the idea
  • What the motion is asking the Students' Union to be mandated to do
  • What evidence you have to back up your idea
  • Who supports your idea / who you have consulted with about it.

What if I want to call a Referendum?

If you want to call a referenda you would need to follow the regulations and guidance set out in the Bye-Laws and Referenda Guidance Document.  Book in time with a member of the Representation Development Team to discuss your idea and be guided through the process.  Referenda petitions can only be collected on documents approved by the Students' Union.