Student Democratic Meetings

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Scrutiny Panel

This is a public meeting where any student can ask an Officer a question to hold them to account on their work on remit, manifesto and policy. The meeting is led by elected students who ask Officers the main bulk of questions.

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Union Council

This is a meeting that any student can attend and talk in. Union Council is where students can bring an idea to create change (a motion) which aims to create change around something by asking the elected Officers of the Union to work on it or it asks the Students' Union to take a stance on something.


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Democratic Procedures Committee

This committee meeting is responsible for making decisions on changes to the governing documents of the Union (bylaws, constitutions, and guidance documents) the documents which outline the processes and procedures by which things will happen at the Union, covering anything from elections to student group constitutions.

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Elections Committee

The Elections Committee work to ensure that all Student Union elections and Referenda are run in an open, fair and transparent way their work involves things such as setting budgets for campaigners and reviewing grievances and complaints that are submitted.

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