Notice of Referenda

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Notice of Referendum

1. Accessibility and UoNSU Officer Elections

Further to the Union Council held on Thursday 2nd November, and subject to the relevant bye-laws, a referendum on the 'Accessibility and UoNSU Officer Elections' motion has been called.


“Should this Students’ Union adopt ‘Accessibility and UoNSU Officer Elections’ as Student Union Policy?”

The motion has been proposed by Scott Jennings

Link to the original motion


Voting took place online between 9am on Friday 1st December at 12 midday on 11th December.


Quorum for this referendum will be 866 votes.  

Returning Officer:

Please email to contact the Returning Officer.

Results of the referendum

Yes - 401 votes
No - 210 votes
Abstain - 68 votes
Total turnout: 679 votes

As the referendum did not hit quoracy, the motion falls.