Notice of Referenda

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Results of Referendum


The results are in!

We asked if you would like to adopt the proposed democratic model.  Votes have been counted and the results are below:

Voter total: 1344
Quoracy: 866

Yes votes: 359
No votes: 961
Abstentions: 24

This means the referendum question is rejected.

Message from Elections Committee:
"We, as Elections Committee, are aware of the false branding and malicious activity online, and Elections Committee find this behaviour unacceptable.  Although we have found on this occasion it does not put the referendum into disrepute, in future elections and referenda, action could be taken should this occur again."

We've kept the supporting information for this referendum below:

Scoping document summary
Scoping document full
Insight report summary
Insight report full


Returning Officer

The Returning Officer for this election is Ruth Southall (she/her).  Please contact Ruth at