Notice of Referenda

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Notification of Referenda

Notice of Referenda

Following a meeting of the Students’ Union Executive Officers on Thursday 18th May, a referendum has been called.

The referendum will ask:

With an average price increase of 4.95% in the SU shops (Spar Portland, Spar Jubilee and Mooch), would you implement the Living Wage (£8.45) to all 150-student staff working at the Students’ Union?

The motion has been proposed by Abel Hartman and seconded by Ed Marks.

The following voting options will be offered:

Yes/ No/ Abstain

Quoracy for this election is 852 votes.

 Any objections to the above question wording must be lodged by 11am on Wednesday 31st May for consideration by Elections Committee.  Objections should be emailed to

Members of the Students’ Union may convene Co-ordinating Committees for Yes and No.  If you would like to be part of a Co-ordinating Committee, you should email (stating whether you want to join Yes or No) by 11am on Monday 5th June.  A meeting for all members of Co-ordinating Committees will be held at 1pm on Tuesday 6th June.

The Referendum will run to the following schedule:

Objections deadline: 11am Wednesday 31st May
Deadline to join a Co-ordinating Committee: 11am Monday 5th June
Meeting for members of Co-ordinating Committees: 1pm Tuesday 6th June
Voting opens: 9am Friday 9th June
Voting closes: 12 midday Thursday 22nd June


You can find out the results of the most recent referenda on Gender Neutral Toilets and Students for Co-operation here.