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Election Grievances

Any full member of the Students' Union can submit an election grievance if they belive a candidates behaviour during an election is in breach of the Students' Union election guiding principles.  These are:

  1. Candidates must treat other candidates, students and members of the public with respect.
  2. Candidates must respect the campus environment and the city they live in.
  3. Candidates will not act in such a way as to bring the elections process, the Union or the University into disrepute.
  4. Candidates’ campaigns should be fully transparent and accountable to the Union.
  5. Candidates must not do anything to gain an unfair advantage.
  6. Candidates must not undermine the fair and democratic running of elections.
  7. Candidates must not seek sponsorship for this election
  8. Candidates must not use electronic devices when door knocking (both in Halls and the community) or in Hall dining areas.

How to submit a grievance

Grievances will only be accepted using the official grievance form.  Please send all completed forms to

The deadline for grievances is 1 hour after the close of voting.  No grievances will be accepted after this time.

What happens next?

Grievance forms will be taken forward for consideration at Elections Committee.  Elections Commitee are a group of elected students and Students' Union Officers who oversee the fair and democratic running of elections.  They will make a decision whether to accept (uphold) or reject your grievance, and you will be notified of this in writing.

What information should a grievance contain?

To help Elections Committee consider your grievance, please make sure that it is factual and contains clear evidence about your complaint.  Any grievances comprising of hearsay or activity that does not directly affect you are unlikely to be sucessful.  We have prepared an example of a grievance that would be upheld for information.