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Students' Union Elections and Referenda


Nominations for Elections are now open!

Nominations are now open for the first SU election of the year are now closed. 

The following positions will be elected in this elections period: 

1) Hall Committee Positions
 A number of positions are available in halls across campus -  to see the roles available for your hall, please see the list of available positions here

2) Democratic Procedures Committee

Democratic Procedures Committee is the Union's primary procedural body, which debates and amends our governing documents and bye-laws;

3) Scrutiny Panel

Scrutiny Panel scrutinises the work of the Union's Full-time Officer team, holding them to account for their work and helping them to work in the best interest of students. 

4) Elections Committee

Elections Committee helps to set the rules of all of the main SU elections periods, and helps to ensure that the elections periods run smoothly, fairly, and in the best interests of candidates and voters. 

5) Postgraduate Faculty Representative for all Faculties

Postgraduate Faculty Representatives are part of the Students' Union's Education Network and work with the Postgraduate Officer to develop the postgraduate experience at the University of Nottingham. They also represent postgraduate students at certain faculty level meetings. 

Within each Faculty there are positions for both Taught and Research students: to stand for a position, you must be a student within that faculty, studying on either a Taught or a Research course

6) Undergraduate Faculty Reps - Medicine and Health Science (Clinical); Medicine and Health Science (Non-clinical)

Faculty Reps lead the undergraduate elements of the Education Network within their own faculties, including coordinating some of the work of the Faculty's Education Reps, and work with the Education Officer and other Faculty Reps to coordinate campaigns and events. They also represent students at the Faculty's Education and Student Experience Board. 

To stand to be the clinical rep, you must be studying on a course that includes a clinical phase, or substantive placement provision (such as Medicine, Veterinary Science or Nursing). Students studying on subjects in the School of Life Sciences are eligible to stand for the non-clinical position. 

7) Women's Officer
The Women's Officer is a Part-time Officer role at the University of Nottingham Students' Union, which leads the Women*'s Network and represents women and non-binary students to the University of Nottingham and the wider community. To find our more about the role, place access the document here and to find out more about the Women*'s Network, please access their website here

8) Disabled Students' Officer
The Disabled Students' Officer is a Part-time Officer role at the University of Nottingham Students' Union, which leads the Disabled Students' Network and represents disabled students to the University of Nottingham and the wider community. To find out more about the role, please access the document here, and to find out more about the Disabled Students' Network more generally please go to their website

Notice of Referendum

An SU Referendum on the motion 'I Love Beeston' will take place between the 22nd October-26th October 2018. 

To facilitate the referendum, we are currently requesting for members of coordinating committees on either side of the motion to come forward. To be on a coordinating committee, please email the SU Elections Team. A meeting of the coordinating committees is scheduled for 5pm on the 8th October 2018. 

Course Rep Elections

To find our Course Rep Elections, please look here.

Key Dates:

Nominations open - 9am 24/09/18

Nominations close - 5pm 05/10/18

Voting opens - 9am 09/10/18

Voting closes - 5pm 12/10/18

Nominate yourself here!


How does the voting system work?

We use a voting system called Single Transferable Vote (STV) and Alternative Vote (AV), and you can see the reasons why in the current Students' Union Bye-laws (see ‘Elections’ by-law II).

Unsure how this voting system works?

Watch this video to find out!

If you have any questions about voting or the above elections, please email the Elections Team.

For societyclub or network elections, please see their own individual web pages.


Writing a Manifesto

As part of your nomination, you will be asked to write a manifesto which sets out who you are and what you want to do. If you're confused by this process, then please have a look at our handy hints and tips guide!