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Make change happen

Change It! is a platform where you can submit ideas for change and vote on the ideas of others.

By interacting with and voting for proposed ideas you help us understand how popular an idea is, how big an impact it’s likely to make and whether we ought to try and make it happen.

Here’s how it works

  • Step One
    Log in and submit your idea OR read about and rate other ideas
  • Step Two
    Promote your idea, or an idea that interests you, by sharing the link with friends and encouraging them to rate it.
  • Step Three
    If your idea gets enough interactions (25) then a member of the Representation Development department will contact you to see how we could take the idea further and the SU will begin working towards it.
  • Step Four
    Get involved. If the idea is really popular then we would love you and your friends to help make the change. If it’s too close to call, we may send it to an All Student Vote.

All Student Vote

If student opinion is too close to call, then the idea in question goes to an All Student Vote.

At the All Student Vote all students will be invited to vote for or against the proposed change. Voting will open for a week and we'll encourage as many students as possible to get involved.

If the vote passes, then we'll make every effort to work with you to implement the change.

If more students vote against the idea, well, perhaps it’s best we save the idea for another day.

For more information contact: sucampaigns@nottingham.ac.uk