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Change it!

Change It! 

**Relaunching Summer Term 2018**

What is 'Change It!'?

Change it! is a new SU democratic process which allows students to submit their ideas for change to fellow students and the Students' Union.


How does it work?

You submit your idea for change through our Change it! function below.
Simply clearly explain; what the situation currently is, what your proposed change would do and how this would benefit students!

What happens next?

Then other UoN students get the opportunity to vote on your idea!

1. It's up to you to share the link to your idea and encourage your peers to vote; this could include sharing it on social media, spreading the word with your coursemates or reaching out to student groups and encouraging them to support your idea. 

2. Once you have reached 25 Positive votes, then the SU will begin to work on investigating your suggestion and making your idea a reality. 


What ideas have been previously submitted?

*We will soon be filling this space with your ideas for change!*