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What is an Education Rep?

Your Education Rep is elected to lead and support all the undergraduate Course Reps in your school, department or division, collaborating with them on campaigns to make positive changes to your academic experience. They also represent all Undergraduates on their school/department/division's Teaching and Learning Committee and serve as an essential link between students and your Education Officer and relevant SU staff. 

In total we have 47 Education Rep positions, one for each academic school/department/division across the University.

If you are a Course Rep and you can't get in touch with your Education Rep, or you currently don't have one drop us an email for advice.

Your 2019/20 Reps (by Faculty):

Please note that these are the elected Education Representatives for the next Academic Year (2019.20). Should your Department/School's position say 'VACANT' this means that we will be running a by-election soon. 
The next By-election nominations period will be running in Term one, October 2019.

Faculty of Arts:


American and Canadian Studies

Sam Byrne 

Classics and Archaeology (Archaeology)

             Aoife Cleland        

Classics and Archaeology       (Classics)

               Cassie Mason 







Culture, Media and Visual Studies (Art History)

VACANT- By-Elections open October 2019

Culture, Media and Visual Studies (CFM)

Melania Burlacu

German Studies (Modern Languages)

VACANT- By-Elections open October 2019







French and  Francophone Studies (Modern Languages)

Imogen Swaffer

Spanish, Portugese and Latin American Studies (Modern Languages)

 Sveva Raschella         

Russian and Slavonic Studies (Modern Languages)

  Jessica Vassena  









Harriet Swift


  Molly Nicholson           


 Zoe Nendick      








Theology and Religious Studies

Azila Hussain






Faculty of Engineering:

Architecture and Built Environment

Ryan Williams

Chemical and Environmental Engineering (CEE)

 Eleri Murphy   

Civil Engineering

               Christina Dunn 







Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Abdullah Alkattan

Foundation Engineering

             Millie Jones        

Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering (M3)

               Steven El-Hoyek 








Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences:


Biochemistry (Life Sciences)

Sarah Motteram

Biology (Life Sciences)

Georgia Cash

Neuroscience (Life Sciences)

Surya Manivarmane





Medicine & GEM (Pre-Clinical)


Issy Walker

Medicine & GEM (Clinical)


Laura Owler

Medical Physiology and Theraputics (Medical Sciences)

Dahlia Amin







Midwifery (Health Sciences)


Beatrice Bennett

Natural Sciences


Kd Bhardwaj

Nursing Nottingham-Academic (Health Sciences)

Eleanor Hunt








Nursing Nottingham-Clinical (Health Sciences)

Virginia Alice Charlesworth

Physiotherapy & Sports Rehabilitation Therapy (Health Sciences)

Benjamin Shannon

Veterinary Medicine and Science (Pre-Clinical)

Liam Fahey







Veterinary Medicine and Science (Clinical)

Millie Holdsworth







Faculty of Science:


Nemira Zilinskaite


Iona Hanson

Computer Science

Jack Adams





Mathematical Sciences

Dan Bateman

Pharmacy (joint)

Catherine Haley and Avani Soin

Physics & Astronomy

John Leyden






Ifigenia Constantinou





Faculty of Social Sciences:


Business (NUBS)

Mustali Jamali


Alyssia Meek Rose


VACANT- Will go to by-election October 2019







Georgina Miller



Nayiri Houldsworth

Politics & International Relations

Maria Chatzitheodorou






Sociology & Social Policy

VACANT- Will go to by-election October 2019