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Notice of Co-Option

This is the final notice of Co-Option for the Academic Year 2018.19 and we are in need of Education Reps for the following school/department/divisions:

  • -Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • -Midwifery
  • -Medical Sciences
  • -Nursing (Derby)

This election will be running on the following timescale:

Nominations- A paragraph explaining why you are interested in the role must be sent to by 5pm Wednesday 7th March 2019. 

All nominations will then be judged by a panel of our current Education Reps, who can 'co-opt' their preferred candidate who will take up the role until 2018/19 academic year end.

Questions about the role can also be directed to



What is an Education Rep

Your Education Rep is elected to lead all the undergraduate Course Reps in your school or department by supporting and collaborating with them on campaigns to make positive changes to your academic experience. They also represent all Undergraduates on their school/department/division's Teaching and Learning Committee and serve as an essential link between students and your Education Officer and relevant SU staff.

In total we have 44 Education Rep positions, one for each academic school/department/division across the University.

If you are an Education Rep and would like help with engaging your Course Reps, then drop us an email for advice, or you can apply to the Course Rep Engagement Fund - it's a fund set up for Education Reps to help you organise events to engage with and empower your Course Reps!



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