Academic Representation

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How Academic Representation Works

The Education Network looks after academic representation at your Students’ Union. The Network is made up of almost 900 Student Reps along with your Education and Postgraduate Officers. The aim is to bring about positive changes for you and your fellow students based on the student views you represent.

Course Reps

Every course has a Student Representative to represent your views and concerns to academic staff in your department at regular Learning Community Forum meetings, influencing positive change for you and your course mates. For further information about the role and how you could become the Student Rep for your course, click below.

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Education Reps

Education Reps are elected to represent all the undergraduate Course Reps in your school or department, by supporting and collaborating with them on campaigns to create positive change. Acting as the link between Course Reps and your Students’ Union Education Officer, Education Reps meet with your Education Officer and Course Reps regularly to ensure that University-wide decision making that they’re involved with is resulting in positive change for their student body.

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Postgraduate Sounding Board

The Postgraduate Sounding Board is made up of 10 elected Postgraduates who meet once a month with your Postgraduate Officer to represent postgraduate student views within your faculties, and inform decision making within the Students' Union and University. They also make up the judging panel for the Postgraduate categories of the University Staff Oscars, and manage applications to the Academic Community Fund.

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