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How will you make a difference?

The Students' Union (SU) is not just a physical space, it's you and everyone around you. We work to empower you to make positive change in your community, be it locally, nationally, or internationally. When you’re a student here at the University of Nottingham, you're instantly a member of your Students' Union, and that means you have a role in the decisions that affect you.

As a member, you're a part of our 'democratic structures'. We hold forums for you and other students to come together, discuss ideas, and work with your Elected Officers to create positive change. Our structures enable you to hold your Officers to account, and ensure all changes are made to improve your University experience in Nottingham.

Whatever role you wish to take in influencing change, we have the support to help you. Through academic representation you’re able to provide your School or Department with constructive feedback, and if you’re a Student Activist wishing to campaign on issues you care about, we have the resources to help you succeed.