Physiotherapy and Sport Rehabilitation Association (SUPRA)






Welcome to the Student's Union Physiotherapy and Sports Rehabilitation Association website.

Here you will find loads of information about what's going on within the division, upcoming events, sports to get involved in and news we have to offer you.

Who are we? 

The Student Union Physiotherapy and sports Rehabilitation Association (SUPRA)  is a branch of the Nottingham University Students Union run by Physiotherapy and Sports Rehab students currently on the course. Due to our location, SUPRA is your link to the main SU.

The committee is made up of 16 members all of which are listed here. You will no doubt become familiar with these people throughout the year and they are all here to help you throughout the year.

President - Ed Cook
Vice-President - Adam Kroon
Treasurer - Alex Keith
1st Year Social Secretary - TBC
1st Year Welfare Rep - TBC
2nd Year Social Secretary - Bertie Alabaster
2nd Year Welfare Rep - Gus Leeks
3rd Year Social Secretary - Joe Priestman
3rd Year Welfare Rep - Hannah Pinkney
Charity Rep - Grace Stocks
Male Sports Secretary - Stuart Denton
Female Sports Secretary - Abi Clark
General Secretary - Nathan May
Peer Mentor - Lucy Jarvis
Sports Rehabilitation Rep - Rob Dent
Physiotherapy Rep. - Tim Kirby

Why should you care?

SUPRA is YOUR link directly to the Student's Union. As elected committee members, we promise to work to address the issues that affect you, update you on important changes brought about by the University and make your time at University as fun as possible!

If you feel passionate about something, want more information on an issue or have an idea about a fun and exciting social - let us know as we can make it happen!

What have we got planned?

Academic Support- Lucy Jarvis is your mentor rep and is there to help you through your academic studies through the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year. There are a number of learning set mentors too who will be assisting your learning through 1st year so if you have any concerns or would like more information, please speak to Lucy.

Socials- Freshers Socials, Boat Cruise, Physio Ball, Yorkshire Three Peak Challenge and more! We will elect a 1st Year Social Sec in September/ October and we have already elected Bertie Alabaster (2nd Year) and Joe Priestman (3rd Year) to get the job started! 

Fundraising- Sponsored runs, cake sales, red nose day and much much more! Speak to the Grace Stocks if you have any ideas. 

Welfare- We offer a great deal of support through your academic years here at Nottingham. Gus Leeks (2nd Year) and Hannah Pinkney (3rd Year), alongside a 1st Year Welfare Rep who will be elected in September/ October, are the people working to improve academic and emotional support. They will also provide information regarding general health and welfare issues. If there is anything you have heard about or that you think would be beneficial please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Sports- SUPRA has a Netball and Football team that you can take part in. Stuart Denton and Abi Clark are the people to contact if you have any questions. Lewis Crouch is the SUPRA football captain and Niamh Mapp is the SUPRA netball captain. All levels of experience and ability are welcome on the teams! 


How do you get involved?

1) You are automatically a member of SUPRA just from registering on the Physiotherapy and Sports Rehab course; it couldn't be easier!

2) Join the committee: elections are run at the end of each year for each of the different positions. You will be notified when elections are due to be open and all students are eligible to run!

3) Join our Facebook page:

4) Check out the notice board: located outside the computer room in CSB, the notice board is regularly updated with information from the SU, socials and more.

4) Speak to us! Any ideas or comments, get in touch! The current committee members are listed to the right of this page, please feel free to speak to or email them directly.


We look forward to meeting you...




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2nd Year Social Secretary
Albert Alabaster
2nd Year Welfare Rep
Fergus Leeks
3rd Year Social Secretary
Joseph David Priestman
3rd Year Welfare Rep
Hannah Elizabeth Pinkney
Charity Rep
Grace Rose Stocks
Female Sports Secretary
Abigail Clark
General Secretary
Nathan May
Male Sports Secretary
Stuart Denton
Peer Mentor
Lucy Ann Jarvis
Physiotherapy Rep.
Timothy Park Kirby
Edward Cook
Sports Rehabilitation Rep
Robert George Dent
Alexander Keith
Adam Kroon