NUSEMS (Sports Exercise Medicine)

Hello there and welcome to NUSEMS - Nottingham University's Sports & Exercise Medicine Society. Our aim is simple, we aim to create an awareness and interest in the new and evolving medical specialty of Sports & Exercise Medicine. 

Throughout the academic year, we will hold a series of seminars and workshops led by successful medics in the field. We will also be looking into opportunities for our members to get first hand experience! Exciting? Stay tuned! 

Another aim of the society is to encourage inter professional learning with physiotherapists. Physio too are welcome at our events and we hope opportunities are undertaken to learn from one another.

We offer a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP so for only £3 you'll be a member of our society for the duration of your time at university.

Feel free to invite your friends to this page and follow us on twitter @nusem1 or email us:

NUSEMS love x



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