SCRUBS is Nottingham University's Student Surgical Society. We are one of the most active societies in the Medical School running a variety of events and teaching sessions, not only relating to anatomy and surgery, but also including key clinical practice revision for history taking and OSCEs. A years events include:


 - Weekly undergraduate anatomy teaching in 1st and 2nd year.

 - End-of-year Mock Spotter practice session in 1st year.

 - End-of-module GEM anatomy teaching in 1st and 2nd year.

 - Regular skills events for suturing, advanced suturing and laparoscopy.

 - CP1 history taking and OSCE/OSLER preparation sessions.

 - CP3 OSCE preparation sessions.

 - Annual Careers Fayre.

 - Annual Trauma Day.

 - Annual Key Note Lecture.


Lifetime membership currently costs £20. Visit our website at: for details, resources and sign-ups for individual events.

For any specific enquiries you can email us at:



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Academic Cell Co-ordinator
Danielle Lee Simpson
Anatomy Co-ordinator
Chandar Jaipal
Wan Teng Lee
Amanda Rosemary Tatar
Careers Co-ordinator
Alexander Thomas Harris
Chashanthi Mariathas
Derby GEM Co-Ordinator
Megan Burns
Chloe Patel
General Secretary
Navdeep Kaur Jabble
Samuel Luck
Head of Anatomy
Sara Al-Izzi
Head of Skills
Luke Nessan Carson
Catherine Lucy Seymour
Fady Anis
Andrew O'Hara
Scrubs Research Network Co-ordinator
Kelsey Jacalyn Aimar
Henry Bergman
Skills Co-ordinator
Aranga Vinayagan Baskar
Adil Arif Rashid
Ganesh Sairam Saran Sathanapally
Sponsorship & Publicity
Hauwau Hayat Nadama
SRN Co-chair
Paul Wyndham Thomas
Vice-President, Treasurer, Head of Academic Cell
Christian Sevilla
Women in Surgery Co-ordinator
Megan Elizabeth Nagel