SCRUBS is Nottingham University's Student Surgical Society. We are one of the most active societies in the Medical School running a variety of events and teaching sessions, not only relating to anatomy and surgery, but also including key clinical practice revision for history taking and OSCEs. A years events include:


 - Weekly undergraduate anatomy teaching in 1st and 2nd year.

 - End-of-year Mock Spotter practice session in 1st year.

 - End-of-module GEM anatomy teaching in 1st and 2nd year.

 - Regular skills events for suturing, advanced suturing and laparoscopy.

 - CP1 history taking and OSCE/OSLER preparation sessions.

 - CP3 OSCE preparation sessions.

 - Annual Careers Fayre.

 - Annual Trauma Day.

 - Annual Key Note Lecture.


Lifetime membership currently costs £20. Visit our website at: for details, resources and sign-ups for individual events.

For any specific enquiries you can email us at:



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Academics and Women In Surgery
Charlotte Antonia Randall
Anatomy Co-ordinator
Amy Jones
Anna Maria Kober
Krishna Savadia
Careers Co-ordinator
Zun Zheng Ong
Derby GEM Co-Ordinator
Kirsty Lorna Hartshorn
General Secretary
Megan Parkin
Head of Academic Cell
Wan Teng Lee
Head of Anatomy Cell
Cecilia Cirelli
Head of Derby cell
Lucy Grace Elliott
Head of Skills Cell
Alice Nicholson
Chandar Jaipal
Scrubs Research Network Co-ordinator
Christopher James Bone
Skills Co-ordinator
Ewa Amanda Kunysz
Tjun Wei Leow
Charutha Jayan Senaratne
Sponsorship, Publicity and Welfare
Jocelyn Luveta
Wan Teng Lee
Wan Teng Lee