Open Art Surgery

Open Art Surgery provides a great opportunity to bring a little joy to the paediatric wards in QMC by running art workshops on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings on Ward D34/D35 each week. This is has been greatly appreciated by both the kids and the parents. It really makes a difference to their experience of being in hospital.

Since 2014, we have started organising similar art workshops for elderly patients. This is held on Thursdays on B48 each week.

BUT, to run these workshops we need your help!


Want to get involved?

-If you’re interested watch your inbox for details of the next OAS Training Evening where we’ll tell you everything you need to know and get you signed up!

-Next Training Evening planned to be in October 2015!

-NOTE: you don’t have to be any good at art!


Want to sign up for workshops?

-We’ll send out empty rotas via email/our Facebook group (see below for details) and all you need to do is reply to tell us how many you want to sign up for!

Contact us/Keep updated!
To keep up to date with OAS news join us online on the OAS MedSoc website (just £1) and join our Facebook group at:

-If you have any questions or problems contact us at:



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General Secretary
Imogen Anna Vinelott Bacon
Paulomi Sengupta
Harriet Conley
Ravinder Kaur